Crystal Sky Paris main idea is to make art, design and luxury rhyme with simplicity, creativity and ethics. Our project is then to combine these six words into one garment.

Our concept is to offer a product that will reflect the artistic backstage of “haute couture” through designs incorporating sketches or artistic projects in order to subsequently represent them on a t-shirt, sweatshirt (…).

The T-shirt becomes in the mind of our designer a sheet of paper on which is born from the tip of his pencil and his countless movements an outfit, a character, photoshoots or models (…).

Reflecting on the world of fashion we realised that when its mentioned, it was assimilated immediately to fashion shows, models, brands, labels, designers, magazines but never at the most important level, at the beginning point: creation. For us thats where everything is born, where design will give life to unique clothes.

This creative part is too often forgotten. We therefore wish to share a different vision of fashion where creation will be highlighted with its history and emotions.

Our exclusive range, gives our customers the guarantee of incomparable quality. The making of products and designs in Europe are very important for the Crystal Sky Paris. Our fashion houses are all located in France, Burgundy and Franche-Comté and in England.

Although we want 100% French production, sometimes we have no choice but to outsource to find our raw materials. We therefore deal with British and European companies who guarantee us products whose manufacture are “ethical” while respecting the environment. Our products are made without any chemicals with green and biodegradable packaging in store.

Respect for the environment is not the only thing that Crystal Sky fights for; it’s also important for us that all our production stage takes place in the best conditions: where workers work in legal conditions such as their wages, their age and their rights.

“Social dumping has no place at Crystal Sky Paris.”

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